Getting you there, your way


Welcome to Point B Wealth Advisors, an independent firm consisting of seasoned wealth advisors including Jay D. Hinkens, founder, Brian Waelti, and Matt Neirmeyer. A thorough review of your financial goals and candid advice about the risks and rewards associated with investing and insurance offer you the opportunity to make informed choices about your financial future.

Our expertise includes insurance, investments, retirement plans, financial planning, and business continuation funding.

At Point B, we strive to help the 80% of Americans who state that they would benefit from acquiring basic financial education and information.*

Never has the need been greater than in today's challenging and unpredictable economic climate where some may postpone making investment decisions as they await stability. At Point B, we discourage market timing in favor of a long-term strategy based on your goals and current and desired financial status.

Essential to this personalized approach is our independent status. We are beholden only to you and your financial objectives. We have no incentive, and no desire, to push a particular product or company. With access to an array of investment, insurance, and income protection tools, we'll work together to grow your assets, preserve your income, and provide for your family.

While growth, income, and income protection are all important, priorities shift as your life changes. At Point B, we understand that everyone has different financial planning goals. For example:

  • A young professional may need help saving for a car, a house, or setting up a retirement plan.
  • Working professionals with young children often require income protection in the form of life and disability insurance. Such needs are particularly evident in today's economic climate.
  • Clients with long-standing investments and high levels of earned income require strategies aimed at reducing their tax burden.

Who do you want to B?

  • A homeowner by age 25?
  • The parent who pays for college?
  • The retiree vacationing in Tuscany?

Experienced listeners, seasoned planners: Point B, getting you there, your way.


*The 2009 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey, Harris Interactive, Inc., 2009